Fincafe is a trademark of Coffee Center, S.L.


Coffee Center defines the quality of its services in all its areas and the protection of the environment as a permanent, priority objective.
Coffee Center’s Management System consolidates this policy to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of its clients, and respect towards the natural environment, by means of the effective application of a Quality System in keeping with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and the introduction of an Environmental Management System in keeping with the ISO 14001:2004 standard, thereby making up an Integrated Management System based on the previously mentioned references.
Coffee Center upholds its commitment to develop, throughout its organisation, its INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY based on:
  • Attaining the maximum satisfaction of its clients.
  • Attending the clients, defining the levels of quality in keeping with their requirements.
  • Suitably managing and minimising, as far as possible, the impact of the environmental aspects derived from the activity that the Coffee Center develops, both directly and indirectly through subcontracted services. Making a constant, continuous effort and identifying, characterising and improving the environmental impact derived from its activities, facilities and operations, such as the emission of gases from its vehicles, the waste originated from the maintenance of these vehicles, office and warehouse waste and noises.
  • Using resources rationally and reducing the production of waste, emissions, landfill and environmental impacts.
  • Preventing pollution as much as possible, as a basic principle of the company.
  • Maintaining a permanent control on legislative compliance.
  • Introducing and developing continuous improvement by means of the systematic, periodical assessment of the Integrated Management System, for which the carrying out of audits is considered to be basic.
  • Setting up objectives and following up on their evolution.
  • The ongoing training of all its staff and promoting a greater degree of awareness about obtaining client satisfaction and environmental protection
  • Promoting the introduction of quality and/or environmental policies that are coherent with these principles among contractors and suppliers.